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The Kikoy Collection

Not limited to the ever-versatile

kikoy, this collection is crafted

using the best 100% cotton

material infused with every colour imaginable. 



Towels & Ponchos

Ladies, Mens & Childrens Clothing

Bedspreads & Picnic Blankets


Kikoza Products-30-18.jpg

Beaded Leatherware

Our leather collection features a

range of products all decorated

and stitched by hand to the

highest standards. Unisex belts

in a variety of different styles

and colours are the perfect

way to wear a bit of Africa, while

our dog collars and brow bands

will ensure that your animals are

always looking their best!


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Cotton Clothing

Perfect for the African summer,

our light and airy 100% cotton

clothing comes in both muted

tones as well as something brighter and more vibrant. You will find

blouses and tops, shorts, elephant

and balloon pants, sarongs and

much more, all designed to be

stylish and keep you cool. 


Outdoors Collection

This collection includes an array

of different products made out

of canvas for durability,

occasionally with a touch of kikoy

to bring in a splash of colour.

The range includes tool

bags and kits.

Picnic Blanket
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