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The Kikoza Collection really started with a small shipment of kikoys predominantly to be given away as Christmas presents. But a series of pop-up shops at some of Lusaka’s artisan markets and fairs, demand from both individuals and lodges has seen the business grow into the creative enterprise it is today. With Anita’s innovative nature, an entrepreneurial spirit and her stylish flair it’s not surprising that the Kikoza Collection has taken the already very versatile kikoy to the next level. Supporting local artisans and tailors to create a range of products that fit perfectly on anyone and into any home has become a core element of the business, as, of course, is hunting for even more colourful handiworks!


Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else, there’s something for literally everyone in the Kikoza Collection. So have a browse or even just get in touch with us. And while the collection continues to grow to include more vibrant and handy products, don’t forget to check back periodically, or even better click the Follow Us button below so that we can keep you updated on our journey via social media!


Thank you for supporting The Kikoza Collection. Crafted in Africa



Anita Barrett, founder of the Kikoza Collection, has lived in Zambia for over 13 years having been born and spent her early years on the Kenyan coast. Her time in Kenya before moving to work in the luxury safari industry in Tanzania and then Zambia have allowed the colours of Africa to run strong through her blood.

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